List of hotels in Montpellier

Montpellier Tourist Information Center - Accommodation

- Close to the Campus Triolet, with an easy access to the tram and footwalk to the University

* Hotel des Troënes(**), site web

* Hotel Lapeyronie(**), tel. 04 67 52 52 20, mél :

- City center

Ibis Comédie(***)

Best Westner - Eurociel(***)

Hôtel Ulysse(***)

Hotel des Arts(**)

Hotel du Palais(**)

Hotel du Parc(**)

Hôtel Mistral(**)

Hôtel Acapulco(**)

Hotel des Etuves

Hôtel Littoral

Hôtel des Fauvettes

- Appart'hotels

City center (with an easy access to the Tram)

Goélia Sun City

Appart Hotel Eurociel

Citadines Antigone Montpellier

Odalys les Occitanes

In the South of the city


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